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Bosworth Stud is located in the beautiful town of Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, I specialise in the Miniature Lop (Mini Lop), Netherland Dwarfs and most recently the Miniature Rex (Mini Rex). I am registered with the British Rabbit Council (BRC) and my son and I hope to do well this year exhibiting our new bunnies.
 I am currently sourcing excellent quality miniature lops from exhibition breeders in the UK and plan litters of my own to exhibit from August 2018. I very occasionally have fantastic little kits available for loving homes.
See my New Litters & Bunnies for Sale page for current litters.
Please see my Conditions of Sale page before enquiring about my bunnies.
See my Contact Me  page to get in touch regarding bunnies, feedback or if you need advice. I am available 24/7 and will do my best to help (you don’t have to have had a baby from me).
I have had the pleasure of being owned by bunnies since I was a child many moons ago. Bunnies are a real pleasure to be around and through the years I have learnt so much about them (and am still learning!).
My main aim of the website is to promote bunny welfare by sharing what I do for my own bunnies, why and how I do it. Sharing is caring, after all. It is fun, for me, my children and the buns, to try out new ideas for toys, play and housing. This is a place for me to share and document all that I learn and what my bunnies really think about it all (Pinterest is excellent for collecting ideas My Bunny Board!).
I love my bunnies very much and they are first and foremost my pets and are very much a part of our family.
I believe a good, honest and caring rabbit breeder can reduce the amount of bunnies who end up in rescue centres across the country. As you will probably find out, I am not a fan of big corporate companies selling pet rabbits in store as I believe this is what is causing the huge numbers of unwanted bunnies. Visit a rescue centre (I do alot!) and you’re unlikely to find pedigree bunnies in there (of any breed, not just lops). It is mainly cross bred bunnies (from pet shops which I like to call bunny mills). I think this is because pet shops encourage and allow people to buy rabbits on a whim. You see a cute little bunny and can buy it there and then. You can not do this with breeders like me. There is normally a waiting list and I ensure you know what you are letting yourself in for before hand haha. Also, pet rabbits from stores are normally HUGE! Their babies are the size of my adults. There is nothing wrong with a large bunny at all but pet shops do not make it clear that their bunnies will grow so big (they are crosses so they probably have no idea themselves). This costs the pet owner a lot when the hutch or cage they bought is very quickly outgrown.
Bunny care has come a long way but there is still a way to go. Did you know rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK but the most mistreated pet of all :(. I personally think this is because they are:
  1. Misunderstood – rabbits love to play and need a suitable home (see Ideal Bunny Homes), they are not the equivalent of a pet hamster in terms of time and cost and this is what pet shops/some breeders are failing to put across to prospective bunny parents;
  2. Bred unscrupulously by pet shops (and some breeders) as a business resulting in painfully shy buns who could be in their 2nd or 3rd home by the time they are ‘purchased’ (a babies experiences will affect them for the rest of their adult lives and effects their behaviour, like all animals);
  3. Incorrect information given to prospective bunny parents (in the hope to sell, sell, sell) e.g. I was told just last week by Pets for Homes that two male rabbits are fine to live together. NOPE.;
  4. Just like a dog, if conditions are not right for a bun, ‘bad’ behaviour will ensue, resulting in people feeling they are not able to keep their bunnies anymore. Therefore through no fault of the rabbits, it becomes unable to find a home. early neutering is the key and this is not made clear by pet shops/breeders. If you are not breeding, have your pet neutered;
  5. Pet shops, in my opinion, encourage bunny owners to buy on a whim (and give a discount to buy two, a huge commitment with no thinking time!). You can walk into a pet shop and purchase a bunny there and then after a mad idea came to you. There is no cooling off period for your moment of spontaneity there. No one can buy one of my buns like this. There is at least a good few weeks to wait for your bunny to grow!
This is all totally preventable if a new bunny owner is merely given the correct information about their buns. Rabbits should only be bred from pedigree bunnies with an excellent temperament. This is the only way to guarantee your bunnies lovely temperament and size  giving them the best start in life (you must be aware of how big your baby is going to grow to ensure adequate housing, runs and equipment, you could end up shelling out a small fortune if your hutch isn’t big enough for your now huge rabbit).
Please have a peruse at all my bunny articles and pages whether you are a bunny parent yourself or considering the idea. I constantly update and add new articles (and reviews) on here so please subscribe to be kept upto date with new blogs and reviews.

Why Buy A Bunny from Me?

My bunnies are all pedigree babies meaning that I can trace back at least 3 generations of all my bunnies (see My Bunnies for more info). I also have quite a few rescued bunnies (I am a sucker for a sob story lol), but these bunnies are all neutered. Under no circumstances do I cross breed bunnies.
I have never come across any behavioural or physical problems with my current bunnies or their parents/grandparents. Some problems are genetic and could cost you a small fortune for the rest of bunnies lives (e.g. like mismatched ‘wolf teeth’ where a vet has to sedate your bunny to shorten their teeth every so often £££). I do everything I can to ensure baby bunnies are the perfect pets (compare my babies to a pet shop bunny who is often timid and very big), it is up to you to ocntinue their socialising and neutering (vital for house bunnies or bunnies in pairs, you could get away without neutering for a female pair, but it is a risk).
I do not sell my bunnies to anyone who is not on my waiting list. This basically ensures that I am a responsible breeder in that no one can buy my bunnies on a whim. I advertise them at such a young age so that people have waited a long time by the time their new baby is ready. I still try to match people up with their desired colours (we all have our faves!) and desired sex. I do not let any bunnies be reserved until 4 weeks of age so that I can match the bunnies to the bunny parent to be. I do ask for deposits, but this is not so that I can keep your money if your circumstances change (lol) or to hold you to a purchase. It is merely so that I know you are serious about the bunny you want. If you change your mind, and you now feel a pet rabbit is no longer for you then I would prefer to give back a deposit than that person take one of my precious babies from me if they were not 100% committed. All I ask for is honesty. This will give me a chance to offer the bun to the next person on my waiting list. Once the bunny is resold I can return the deposit.
If you ask me a question about my bunnies or  pet rabbits in general (I do encourage questions so please don’t be shy 🙂 ) then I will do my best to answer promptly and I will always be totally honest. Brutally honest! I do not want anyone to go into bunny ownership with their eyes closed, especially when its one of my little dumplings they are taking away.
I will not let someone buy two or multiple bunnies from me if I do not feel they fully understand the extra responsibilities this will entail (double costs of food, neutering costs for two bunnies, the slight possibility of them not getting on later in life resulting in an extra cost for housing, neutering for birth control is a MUST if you have a male and female regardless of their housing circumstances, the bunnies WILL get together I promise you! I will not sell males together, unless housed seperately). I have no reason to Sell, Sell, Sell. My bunnies sell well just being themselves :). 
I only have litters to continue lines of my exhibition bunnies, so I can improve on them, test their colours/genetics and I may hold back the majority of bunnies. Now and again, I will sell slightly older bunnies as I have to see which bunny is suitable for my breeding programme, I will hold back babies in a litter to compare eachother and keep the one who is most suitable to my breeding programme. This means I occasionally have older bunnies for sale too. Buying slightly older bunnies is great as you are guaranteed their looks, size and great personalities. With a baby bunny you don’t really know what you are getting haha.
Most importantly, I am ALWAYS here to help with anything bunny related. Before AND after you have my bunnies. Even if you don’t have my bunnies but want some rabbity advice, if I can help, I will. Please send me pics of how my babies are doing (it is very hard letting them go you know!).
I charge £45 per baby regardless of colour or gender. I feel this is a good price to find good homes for my bunnies. If ever you doubt this price, come and see my babies and compare the bunnies here to your pet shop bunnies (who are the same price!). I do not just mean the way they look (after all, beauty is only skin deep right haha) but their temperament. I do not make ANY profit whatsoever selling my bunny babies (have you seen how much they eat haha). I put all the money back into their care with fab toys, healthy food and lots of space for each of my bunnies. See my facebook page/toy idea’s/reviews which show how the money is returned to my rabbits ten fold. I do not have stacks and stacks of hutches full of bunnies that I would never have enough time for either. In my opnion, this is totally unfair for pets and is baby farming. Totally cruel. All my bunnies spend the day in runs, everyday (wether permitting) and are never cooped up in a hutch for hours on end. To do so would be neglectful and cruel. You only have to follow my facebook page to see how loved (and slightly spoilt) my bunnies are (Bosworth Stud). This has the most recent news of my bunnies on with links to recent youtube videos.
My bunnies are raised around children, dogs, a cat, loud noises, and generally a very busy home. It is up to you to then continue to love and provide for your little fur baby and continue the ever so important human contact. You must pick up and love your baby everyday, otherwise your bunny could become shy, withdrawn or nervous. Please read my site and research as much as possible to prepare for your bunnies arrival. I will help where ever I can. I do grow to love every bunny that I help mummy to raise here so please do expect some questions asked by me so that I can establish that you are aware of your duties etc. I am not trying to be nosey or catch you out or anything like that I just want the best for my babies and I wouldn’t be a responsible breeder if I didn’t. Rabbits also prefer to live as pets in pairs. If you feel you can cope with the extra responsibility that having two bunnies comes with then this is great. I will priories homes wanting to keep more than one bunny, or one bunny as a house pet. A house rabbit can live perfectly well on his/her own as they are receiving lots of attention from you (ideally they should be neutered for cleanliness in the home)
I am always updating and adding to the website so please keep checking back for more blog posts and updates. If you like what you read here please follow the site via your email.
To see all of my bunnies on film (buns on film!?), take a look at my youtube channel here.
Please remember I rescue bunnies too so if you see non pedigree bunnies or those not of a good “type” you know why lol. I make it clear who the parents of my bunnies are with pics and provide a three generation pedigree document for each baby.
Thank you so much for reading until the end, yay!!
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