Our Bunny House

So, this is (and will probably always be) a work in progress as I am determined to give the bunnies a happy and interesting life 🙂

The welfare of my bunnies is paramount to me.

So, here’s the bunnie House and Garden…

This is how the bunnies shed and garden is now, all complete. I will always be changing the layout around so that the buns have a bit of variety but you get the idea…

Bunnies House

In this next picture you can see the newly installed bunny flap! As you’re looking at it, look at the wall on the left at the bottom and you should see a piece of wood with a knob on it. When you lift this out there are three missing bricks in a T-shape and it leads to the rabbit tunnel where they access their bunny garden (see below for pics on the tunnel and bunny garden).DSC02711DSC02715DSC02716

Everything the bunnies need is in there bunny sheds. I have lots of litter trays (I use cat litter trays  and washing up bowls, £1). I have a huge hay rack for the bunnies. This is big enough for three big handfuls of hay per day which is what the bunnies need. I have various levels as bunnies like to climb up and look about, they perch just like a bird lol. Under the bunny kennel is a small pallet. The bunnies really like this pallet as it is a bit like an intricate tunnel system for them. I think it makes them feel safer knowing they could run and hide under there if ever they needed to. The wire mesh thing that you can see the water bottle on is a fire guard. I use another fire guard as the partition to stop them running out of the shed when I open the door. It also allows me to be able to keep the door open for the majority of the day. This is also useful to peg string to and peg on goodies to the string. and also brambles peg really well to the wire. It is really useful having this is their shed.

Aswell as having the water bottle I also have dog water bowls in the shed too. Its really hot at the moment and I am paranoid about them running out of water. he bunnies couice until you have to fill it up. The bunnies couice until you have to fill it up. The bunnies couice until you have to fill it up. The bunnies could have been without water for a whole day! So this is why I do this. Also, rabbits will always prefer to drink from a bowl if they have the choice but they dont keep the water clean and must sit in it! So it is necessary to have both really.

The bunny garden is now complete, although I am always adding things to it when I have ideas (my latest is figuring out how to have a natural tipee type area in the corner). I am really proud of the bunny garden and how it has turned out. Here you can see for yourself…


Here is the bunny garden now that the bunny flap and tube have been installed (thanks hubby!!). The bunnies love going through their tunnel and where even going up and down it as my husband was drilling it in place!! My bunnies are not scared of anything lolDSC02721

Here is a pic of the setup as a whole so you can see how it looks as a whole. As you can see, I still havent finished painting the fence! LOL. Excuse the big bag of grass drying out in the bag on the door. I have found this to be the best way to turn it to hay for the buns. Found a great place near my mum to cut down over grown grass from a field and its a huge area so my cuttings everynow and again makes no difference.DSC02725

I still have lots to do in there but it is a very fun project and the bunnies just love us being in their garden with them. Its a great way to be able to interact with the buns, especially for children as they can sit down in the buns garden and the bunnies come over to them for treats etc instead of the children picking them up out of their hutches etc. Here are a few pics of the buns loving life in their shed and garden…


Here are the older posts about how the bunny garden started out… The Bunny Garden…

In progress at the moment is the rabbits bunny garden. When the rabbit garden is built and fully grown it will be accessible to the bunnies via a cat flap from their rabbit shed straight into the garden. Obviously, the cat flap is lockable and the garden is going to be made with the rabbits safety in mind with regards to escaping (i.e. The Flash escaping, ahem!) and predators. Buzzards are the main threat here but of course there is the chance of foxes too. Its very exciting and here is the progress so far…

So, heres the bit of garden, next to the bunny shed as it is now. We are starting it tomorrow when my husband finishes work…


Here are my plans and ideas on how to design the bunny garden (excuse my awful drawing!!)…


Hopefully it will turn out well. It will be a good 4 weeks before the bunnies will be able to go in there as I am going to use grass seed to grow grass there rather than turf (trying to keep costs down) but it will definitely be worth it in the end, the buns are going to love it. Those things on the side of the bunny shed are actualy shelves!! I am going to use them to grow the bunnies veggies and greens rather than my kitchen like I am doing now haha!

Keep up to date with how the bunny area progresses by signing up 🙂

Bunny Chateu – Garden ***UPDATE*** (24th April 2016)

Bunny Garden Update – Pallet fence built now just neds landscaping, seeding and painting the fence!
Bunny Garden Update – soil raked, stones taken out (well, most of), tried to put soil in a hill but didnt really work, sprinkled on the grass seed and covered mostly with compost.

You may be able too see the railways sleepers that we have sunk in behind the fence to stop the rabbits burrowing out. Now to wait until the grass grows!

***UPDATE*** 21st April 2016

The grass is now growing yay and the children and I have started to paint the fence ‘Sea Green’. We love it but we have ran out of paint so we have got to go to wilkos to buy some more! Will update with more pics when it is all done.

Here are the rabbits patiently waiting for their bunny garden to be ready while they are in their garden run 🙂 They love sitting in plant pots!


***UPDATE*** 30th April 2016

The grass is growing really well. The children and I are really enjoying watching it grow. I think I will need to buy some more seds to thicken it up/fill in patches I have missed. We are going to finish the painting today as we have some more paint, yay. p.s. the sea green colour paint from wilkos is more like Blue! I like it tho! I will take some pics today.

I’ll update soon x

The grass is grown!!! Time to set up ready for the buns…



Carly x

BeFunky Collage.jpg


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