Peg Line Bling – Boredom Buster Bunny Toy

I thought I would do a quick little post about the peg line that is in the bunny shed. I use it to hang some of their treats and veggies on, just to give them something different to do really, make things a bit more interesting for them. I was really pleased that they love it too (or rather, they love what I peg on to it!).

Here’s Lupo Loving His Peg Line Bling (Brocoli, yummy!)

Lupo Loving Her New Boredom Breaker Toy – Lin- O-Treats

So it really is as  simple as it looks to make. We already had some natural string and I already had some wooden pegs (I use them for making crafts with the children). I got the wooden pegs from wilkos for under £1. So the toy has cost nothing really. I tied the string on to the fireguard I have got in the shed (I have put this fire guard in there so I can hang the water bottle up, it suports the foraging level and it sections off a part of the shed so I can make it a bit more interesting) and tied the other end to the guard which is at the shed door. Here is the line in full…


I change around where I tie it up for variety. Sometimes I will tie it up really high so they have to go to different levels to reach everything or use the big logs to stand on to reach the items. Once I must have put it too high (or the treat was extra yummy) and they must not have been able to reach the whole thing and they just chewed the string to break it and were able to eat all the treats! hehe.

If you try it, send me some pics so I can see yours! Either on my email, or my twitter/instagram (they are my personal accounts too so expect some kiddie and dog pics if you decide to follow me lol) @Carlycharlie_x Thanks xx

Here are the bunnies enjoying some Peg Line Bling Treats!

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