Making Your Own Hay (a bit like Readigrass but FREE!)

I think I have perfected my ‘home made Hay’!! So much so, I thought I would post about it.

If you haven’t heard about making your own hay then I’ll quickly explain…


So, if you can get your hands on any over grown grass anywhere that would be safe for bunnies to eat it from (i.e. not directly by the side of the road but in a place where you wouldnt mind your bunnies eating the grass from. We cant put our bunnies all over our grass as we have a dog and dog poo is obviously dangerous and nasty so I do not pick the grass from our garden even tho theres a lot of it, I pick it from the park behind our house as its fenced off and no dogs aloud and we’re always in there lo!!).


You pick the grass using scissors or similar (definitely not lawn mower cuttings because the lawn mower chews the grass up too much and the grass will just rot rather than dry), cut the grass basically. The longer the better (and quicker to cut!). Fill a bucket or big bowl so you have quite a bit of grass to make it worth while. Pick your grass on a dry day and keep it dry. If the grass is wet, again, it will rot instead of dry out.

DSC01746Lay out your grass on a tray or similar and put it into your green house to dry out. Thats all the hard work done! you just need to wait and turn your grass now and then so it all dries. When your grass makes the crunchy crispy rattly noise, its now hay! make sure it is all dried out though because if you are going to store it (unlikely as your rabbit will devour the lot in a very short period of time!), you dont want it to be not quite dry as it will rot while it is being stored. DO NOT feed your rabbit mouldy or rotting grass. Bunny will be poorly.DSC01745

Your hay should smell sweet and just ummmm lovely (it really does have a yummy quality!). It will look a lot different to normal hay as it will be very green, almost as green as the day it was picked. The hay I made this time was ready really quickly… a week and a half!! I think this is because I moved the green house from a shady spot to an always in the sun spot, made a great difference. When I say ‘greenhouse’ I am talking about our little greenhouse we bought from wilkos fo about £10 years ago, it is essentially a set of shelves with a see thru zip up cover on it…


Here’s the hay all ready and about to be fed to the bunnies…

Home Made Bunny Rabbit Hay – a lot like Readigrass type Hay – The Bunnies LOVE IT!


So, after the hay is made, there is only one thing left to do right… A bunny taster…

As you can see, the rabbits absolutely love this hay! They go mad for it and they eat it all straight away. I give them a handful each per day then. Now I have perfected it and realised it only takes 1.5 weeks to dry out (when the greenhouse was in a shady part of the garden it was taking a lot longer!) I will make it all the time now and collect up lots more grass to make hay with. This would be a brilliant idea collecting a yummy treat ready for winter too!

You can also do this same process to dry out weeds and herbs like;

  • nettles (my rabbits prefer these dried out!)
  • Dandelion leaves and flowers
  • Sticky weed
  • Doc leaves (when not flowering!)

I will add more when I have tried drying them out! The only difference with drying out weeds and flowers is that you cant really pile them up to dry them they really do have to be layed out individually to prevent them staying damp (which will make them mouldy). so just lay each individual flower/weed out on a tray in the green house and turn every couple of days. These will dry out in the same time as your grass and will also have that crunchy jangly sound!

Good luck and let me know how it went if you try it either on my email or instagram/twitter @carlycharlie_x or


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