Bunny Ikea Hack – Hay Rack

Having bunnies doesnt have to cost you the earth, but trust me it really can. Believe it or not, feeding a rabbit costs more than feeding my little pomeranian doggy Daisy. Who knew! So, when I discovered this Ikea hack I had to put it on the website to spread the word.

I was struggling to find a hay rack that was big enough for the three rabbits for their daily supply of hay (at least 3 big handfuls per day, but really its unlimited and always available) and that didnt cost quite a bit of money (I was thinking of spending £16 on one but still asnt sure if it would be big enough!). So I was going to make one but we had a trip to ikea and I saw this absolute bargain for… wait for it… £1.50!!!! I love a bargain…

Ikea Hack Hay Rack £1.50 Bargain and they love it – Tiggy Winkles Bunnies

The best thing is the rabbits genuinely use it and I can now tell that they really are eating all their hay up. A hay rack is a must to be honest. If you dont have one, how do you know they are eating it (they spread it about a lot and sit on it when it isnt in a rack) and the hay they are eating wont be clean (Rabbits sit in everything!). They are clearing the hay out. I am so chuffed.

Another idea is to hide treats in there too. I hide herbs in there and I can tell they love routing them out. A great Boredom buster!




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