Lupo’s Litter Born 02.08.16 – Watch Baby Grow!


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Congratulations to Lupo and Flash on the birth of their beautiful little baby bunny born 02.08.16. This little bunny is very special to me as she was the only surviving bun of the whole litter. Five babies unfortunately did not make it during labour but we found this little one sometime later cuddled up in the nest. She was really small but pulled through never the less and now she is a chunk, very healthy looking baby :).

I will keep updating on her progress, so please keep checking back.Thank You.

Here’s baby, 1 day old. She/he has no fur, is blind and deaf at this point and is totally reliant on mummy Lupo (who is doing a fab job!).

3 days old – a huge difference and so much growth, looks a lot more bunny than alien now hehe. Bunny now has fur, its silky a silver (lilac). eyes still closed and should be until 11 days old.

Lupo Litter 02.08.16 Kit 1 3 Days old

4 Days Old – Video

4 Day old Mini Lop Baby (youtube link)

5 days old – wow so much difference! what a cutie and actually really looks like bunny now!

Lupos Litter 02.08.16 - Kit 1


7 days old – The bunny has grown so much and is filling out. Bunnies fur is growing and you can see this by the colour change. The longer fur is fawn the shorter fur is lilac. I love holding this little fella, melts my heart. A lot less jumpy today and he/she wee’d in my hand hehe!

Lupos litter 02.08.16 - Kit 1 day7Lupos litter 02.08.16 kit 1 7 days old2


7 Day Old Bunny…


At 9 Days old bunny is so cuddly now and loves to snuggle in my hand. baby is probably searching for milk, so adorable!

11 Days Old Bunny…


Day 11 – Bunnies eyes are now open! I have to be carefull not to expose baby to very bright lights (camera flash, kitchen lights etc) as this can permanently blind bunny. I am also preparing her indoor cage so that it will all be safe if baby bunny ventures out. By day 14 baby bun will start to explore outside the nest. I must make sure baby bunny is safe from the risk of drowning, no vegetables are on the floor (esp carrots) and she isnt able to slip through the cage bars and/or the dog cant get to her (baby wont know to come away from the dog). Lots to do then! I am very much looking forward to seeing baby exploring outside of her nest! I now think baby is a blue torte (the colouring is silver/grey with fawn, bunny will be fawn colour when she is bigger but it is refered to as blue torte).

Here is a list of the YouTube videos I have made of this special little baby…

Part One: (4 Days old)

Part Two: (5 days old)

Part Three: (9 days old)

Part Four: (11 Days Old)

I will update again soon. Thanks for visiting.

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