Review – Rabbit Rosewood Chew Toys Wilko Boredom Busters

Rosewood Blossom Tower £3 can be found online at Wilko’s HERE

Wilko Rosewood Blossom Tower £3 can be found online HERE


Rosewood Blossom Tower

Rosewood Foraging Cylinder


I am reviewing these two wilko products together as they are pretty similar and had the same reaction from my bunnies.

I think these products are meant to enable your bunny (or small animal) to act as it would in the wild and chew on these products, thus helping them to stay mentally active. Being mentally active ensures the wellbeing of bunnies. Happy bunnies will be much less likely to suffer from unwanted bad behaviour.

It is fantastic to see products like these ones aimed at bunnies as it is promoting the idea that bunnies are intelligent and suffer mentally when left to sit in a hutch with no toys all day. The days that bunnies are left in a hutch all day are far from over but more and more people are now aware of bunnies needs. So, thank you Wilko for selling these types of boredom buster toys for rabbits.

That said…

The Bunnies’ Verdict

OK, none of the bunnies really do anything with these two toys. I have seen the baby bunny chewing the ends of the “Foraging Cylinder” now and then but it is always short lived. My bunnies have never so much as looked at the “Blossom Tower”.

In a way, I think these toys are designed for us humans, rather than the rabbits. The two toys are meant to bring out natural behaviour in rabbits but the bright colours are unecessary and maybe even make them that less bit natural. When I smell some nice green hay, even I think, “mmm yummy!”. When I smell and feel these toys, I do not feel anything and I am afraid my rabbits don’t seem to either.

I do like how they brighten up their homes though but unfortunately I know, from my bunnies indifference to them, I have just wasted a good £6 on some “decorations”.

Here is the lovely decoration is Flash’s temporary cage…


(My dog on the other hand loved ripping the blossom tower toy apart when she stole it from our house bunnies cage! It was only one of the bells before I caught the little scamp. My dog thinks she is a rabbit, I may have mentioned this before?)

To Conclude…

AVOID and save your money.

Better Alternatives?

My rabbits LOVE LOVE LOVE a good fruit tree branch (which I sneakily steal from my neighbour’s over hanging damson trees, shhh don’t tell!). I also give them Cherry Tree twigs, with leaves still attached. You can give them nice and fresh or I have heard some bunny lovers dry them out for a few weeks to get that crispy texture. The bunnies must spend an awful lot of time stripping all the bark from these twigs as by the next morning the branch is bare from any bark at all. (I will add some pics here the next time I give them some twigs.) Don’t have any suitable tree’s? Ask your neighbours. Visit a nice park (obviously only take a twig, there are often lots that break off below the tree, we always collect fallen twigs from our local apple trees in our country park. I do all my foraging while walking my dog). I am cheeky and have no sense of embarrrassment whatsoever and ask my neighbours if, when they cut back their fruit trees, can I have the twigs and branches rather than them being thrown away. It all helps and its free. It will also keep your bunnies teeth nice and short. There is nothing more natural than a twig, right?

Here is our baby bunny (4 weeks old) enjoying some damson twig (I’ll take a pic of what they look like when they are stripped bare too!)…

Bunnies love Twigs! Fruit tree, Willow, Cherry tree Twigs are my rabbits favourite treats and boredom busters
Fruit tree twigs… The ultimate bunny boredom buster! 100% Natural Toy.

Generally, if a rabbit toy is bright in colour, I would steer clear. Don’t be fooled by the pretty looking toys as I was!

Another Idea we have recently been trying out and went down very well are these…

Grass Rolls

Toilet Rolls stuffed with Long grass. Excellent bunny boredom buster and keeps the grass off the cage floor. I did try this with hay as I had seen on Pinterest but it was a bit of a flop to be honest hehe. The grass tubes were an instant hit!

  1. Collect Some long grass (has to be long other wise it will fall out)
  2. poke two holes into a cardboard loo roll tube
  3. Thread some string through the holes (you will tie it together later, leave it loose for now). I used gardening twine type string from Wilkos.
  4. Stuff the long grass tightly into the loo roll. You can even hide something extra tasty in the middle, like the top of a carrot or little peice of pear etc.
  5. With the string that is hanging out, tie it on to something in your rabbits home/hutch/cage. Set it at a height that will require your bunny to stretch a bit.

You do not have to tie it up. I just prefer things off the floor and it leaves the floor space free for the buns but they will love this on the floor too! If you can not collect grass, try stuffing with alfalfa, readigrass, cale cabbage leaves, carrot tops (the green bit) etc.

Here is Flash enjoying this Grass Roll…  (he’s set up in a temp cage here)

Flash Enjoying his DIY Chew Toy Grass Roll
“What’s going on in ‘ere Hoomin?” Flash the mini lop rabbit checking out his Grass Rolls

Thisis also a great activity to do with children (here comes the childminder in me!). It keeps them interested in their pets and helps them to be creative and think critically, ask them questions like (hmmm I wonder what bunny would like asa special treat in the middle/where could we hang this for bunny/decorating the tube/writing bunnies name on the tube etc etc the list is endless).

This toy is great because it encourages bunnies to eat grass (like my lot need any encouragement there!) and grass is the best thing for fibre and keeping teeth short. Also, remember that grass is just as good as hay (this canbe useful to know for bunnies who just refuse to eat hay).

Thanks… more reviews to come so please “follow” my bunny website via email (look in the column on the right for the link I think lol)




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