Review – Wilko Cardboard Tube

The Wilko Cardboard Chew Tube purchased in store for £1.50. Find it online HERE.

Chew Tube

There’s not much really to explain about this wilko cardboard chew tube, its pretty simple. It is marketed at guinea pigs maybe, rather than rabbits. That said… my baby bunny (who is currently 4 weeks old) loves this tube and more often than not this is where you will find him! He even sleeps in it when the weather is hot. I did purchase the tube for the baby bunnies to play inside.

For my adult mini lop bunny it is rather small, as this is not aimed at rabbits I think this is fine. I think she enjoys moving it out of her way rather than playing in it. She can fit through it but does prefer larger tubes to sit inside of and run through.

This tube would be absolutely perfect for guinea pigs, without a doubt and I’m pretty sure they would use this a lot.

I also left this cardboard tube out in the run in heavy rain over night and it kept its shape completely which is fab (I wont leave it out again though).

Rabbits love to play, sleep and hide in tubes as they really enjoy the cover it provides. As prey animals, rabbits instinctively like to sit inside and under things as this makes them feel safer from over head predators. Tunnels are great as rabbits also like there to always to be two exits out of whatever they are in.

The Verdict?

I would recommend the Wilko rabbit play tunnel for baby bunnies and guniea pigs without hesitation. It is too small for an adult rabbit (not that it was marketed for this purpose).

For an adult rabbit I would recommend a tunnel similar to a childs play tunnel. I found a lot of these very cheap in my local bargain stores and for around £12 on ebay. Here is the tunnel my own adult rabbits play in and sleep in a lot…

Child’s play tunnel (tent type material) used for a rabbit toy


We also made a DIY play tunnel for the rabbits to rest out of the sun in and this has proved very popular with the bunnies. It has also with stood many months of being left out in the rain. Here is the tunnel…

DIY rabbit play tunnel toy made from bendy ply wood and two scrap planks of wood



Thank you for reading. If you would like to see me review anything else rabbity then please drop me a line to (more contact info HERE)




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