Review – Wilko Meadow Hay Rolls (for small animals)

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Wilko Small Animal Meadow Hay Rolls 1kg

So, this is the first product review my bunnies and I have written as part of our new “Rabbit Product Review” Page for the mini lop website.

Wilko Meadow Hay Rolls for small animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus). Wilko claim these compact little rolls of hay are cleaner and more convenient than loose hay. Wilko also states that high quality hay is important in your furry friends diet. It contains 1kg of hay.

Initially, I thought hmm you dont get much, but actually you do, its very compact and it takes longer for your rabbit to eat it than I initially thought (especially as my bunnies have a large variety of other food stuffs available e.g. grass, lose hay, pellets and fresh foods etc).

The best before date is 05/18 which I am taking to mean May 2018, which is great. I can see these lasting a while if you only have one male rabbit for instance.

Online I could not find the ingredients list but luckily I kept the packaging for the review. The ingredients are “Meadow Hay (Grasses and Plants)” which is great, if a bit vague. There is nothing that is not natural at least.

Analytical constituents: (the parts that are important)

Protein 12%, Fat Content 2.85%, Crude Fibre 24.3%, Total Dietary Fibre 54.25% – This is all great and a good balance for a rabbit (as expected as the ingredients are grass and plants).

There are more figures and information on the back of the pack which is not given online so I have included a picture of the back…


So, What did my Bunnies make of these little hay bricks?

There is a reason I have chosen these meadow hay rolls to review first… because my bunnies really like them! Not just one or two of my bunnies… ALL of them! Even the three week old bunnies which is fantastic, I am so pleased about this especially. It is so important for young rabbits to eat lots of hay. If bunnies are not encouraged at a young age to eat hay then they will not eat hay as adults and will as a result suffer for it. So, thank you Wilko for helping my baby bunnies love hay! All the bunnies enjoy having a munch on these rolls now and then and in my view, any intake of hay or time spent eating these, is very good for my rabbit’s digestive system, their teeth staying nice and trim and their mental wellbeing as it is keeping them occupied.

ALL of my bunnies have given these hay rolls a massive thumbs up!!

Although they are branded as being more convenient than lose hay (which I totally agree they are, not to mention space saving!), I am still going to feed my bunnies lose hay, in lots of varieties. This is because my rabbits all love variety. This seems to be key to their well being. They do not like to eat lots and lots and lots of one thing (okay, with the exception of curly kale of course!). Bunnies like to have a nibble of this and a nibble of that. This is why I love this product so much… this is yet another healthy item that provides my bunnies with another healthy thing in their home to have a nibble on. As another bonus, these are actually really cheap and will last a long time (I will update when I run out, at the moment I currently have 4 bunnies).

My only thought, which I think could improve this product even further, is by finding something to hang them on or skewer them to. I don’t like food items being on the floor of their living spaces, for various reasons (space, hygenie, attracting slugs etc). If and when I find out a way to hang these up, I will update.

I totally recommend these hay rolls to all bunny parents and other fibre loving pet owners alike.

Some pics of my fur babies enjoying these rolls… After all, it their thumbs (paws?) up I’m giving 🙂

Our 4 week old Bunny enjoying the wilko hay roll… “But Where’s Mine?” Syas Daisy the Dog!
Baby bunny Munching away on her Wilko hay roll
Mommy Rabbit, Lupo, munching away on her wilko hay roll.
Nom Nom, yummy wilko hay roll
I have a feeling that lupo the bunny would have me hold this all day while she ate. “Stay Hoomin”!
Flash, for a change, is hanging out in his tyre, but can spare time in his busy shedule to munch  on a wilko hay roll.
Mmmm, keep these wilko hay rolls comin’ Hoomin
Yeah, again, I think he’d have me stand there all day being a hay roll holder full time (you see my point about needing some kind of holder?!)
And just for good measure, Daisy gets to share a carrot. I’m sure she’s species confused.

if you have anything you would like me to review, please contact me on (more contact options HERE).

See HERE to see more of my rabbit product reviews and my great finds.


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