Bargains for Bunnies

I am collecting a great deal of brilliant things I use for my bunnies now which I bought from Charity shops for next to nothing! I will list all of my bunnies favourite items which came from Charity shops, £1 Shops (dollar stores) and car boots. Having accumulated so many bunnies, I have come to be rather thrifty at finding bargains and non purpose items…

Food Bowls

I refuse to spend between £3.50 – £5+ for a cermic bowl for my bunnies pellets. You do need a heavy and sturdy bowl as the bunnies love tipping it over and small plastic bowls or tubs just do not cut it. Here is what I have found to be PERFECT for food bowls…

Pie dishes from Charity shops! The single serving type size. Apparently lots of people buy pie dishes because they are so cute yet never use them and they end up in a charity shop for as little as 20p!! I can imagine there are lots at car boots too. I use these dishes for all of my bunnies now. They are great and look so cute. You could even paint or write on your bunnies name! Here are some pics of what I mean if you can’t quite picture it…


Plastic Dog Bowls for Bunnies

I also use a lot of do bowls for the bunnies. I put fresh veggies in them to keep them off the floor. On hot days, when the bunnies drink more I fill them with water. When I have bunnies living togehter I put their pellets in dog bowls so the bunnies can all gather around the bowl. The bowls are really sturdy and I pick them up for 75p – £1.50 depending on the size. See these pics…

Here you can see the large dog bowls of the floor. They make excellent bunny food holders and the rabbts cant tip them up
Here is Asha at almost 9 weeks old, I used these types of cat bowls for the baby bunnies pellets
I often fill these large dog bowls up with plain old grass! The Rabbits eat so much more grass when you cut it for them **tuts**
Asha, the mini lop bunny rabbit, at about 4 months old, eating grass from her dog food bowl!


Hay Racks

Essential bit of kit for a bunny owner. Often very over priced too! What about these ideas…

Ikea Bag Holder £1.50 – Hay Rack

Great for Groups of Rabbits and hiding stuff inside. (beware, your rabbit may try to climb inside)

Hay rack for bunny rabbits made from an Ikea Bag holder for £1.50!

Bird Feeder – The Fat Ball Kind – Hay Rack

£1 from the pound shop or poundland… All of my bunnies favourite “Hay Rack” when packed in tight. Hide herbs/dandellions/lavendar etc inside too!

A Cheaper alternative to a standard bunny rabbit hay rack, use a fat ball bird feeder, rabbits love it!


Toilet Roll Tube Hay Racks – FREE!

Hang them up in your bunnies living area to keep the hay clean. You can even tie them to the wire in the cage.


Hanging Food Balls – £1.69 from Ebay (may have to travel from China)

You can put anything in these hanging food balls and at this price you could even have a couple, one for fresh food, one for hay. I have read that some fussy buns who refuse hay will atually eat hay from these hanging balls.

Heres an example of the hanging ball (not with hay in tho)


To read more about these hanging balls please see Review – Rabbit Food Ball and also Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters.


Rabbit Litter Trays

For a mini lop sized bunny, the following items are perfect bunny litter trays for a fraction of the cost of purpose made rabbit litter trays (£5.50 plus!), you might also have some of these things hanging around the house too…

Washing Up Bowl Litter Tray £1

From most shops and supermarkets with a “home” department (Wilkos, Poundland, B&M, ASDA etc). Here’s an example of mine…


Alternatives to the purpose made rabbit litter trays, washing up bowls are great and very cheap. There are two in this picture.
Bunny litter tray, use a washing up bowl, £1, a fraction of the price for a purpose made rabbit litter tray


Cat Litter Tray £1.50-£2

Some people also use large cat Litter trays, which can be bought for around £2 from wilkos. MY bunny Lupo has one of these but I can’t find a picture, I’m sure you get the idea though.

Garden Trays as litter trays

We had this tray lying around and the bunnies have always loved sitting in it. I imagine you could find this very cheap at a carboot…

Here are the bunnies all in the garden tray, Asha now uses this tray as her litter tray. The rabbits have always loved sitting in it to eat.
Asha’s favourite place to eat!

A bunny will use anything that is filled with woodshavings (or whatever it is you use as substrate/wee soaker-upper) and hay. Just make sure the sides are high enough if you have a larger breed of rabbit.

Bunny Toys

Most of the bunny toys we have, have been collected from old children’s toys we had or from my husbands place of work. See the photos below for some great bargains. It is definitely worth looking in less than obvious places for your bunny toys.

Old Tyres – Free

My bunny rabbits favourite place when its pretty hot. I’m not sure why to be honest, can’t give you a reason but the tyre is covered over with abit of wood and a big branch. Rabbits defintely feel safer under cover and they can relax. This is even the case for indoor bunnies! Save your tyres from your car or ask for some from a small tyre company.

My bunnies favourite hideout, Hi Flash!


We were given this tunnel for the children for free from a neighbour. It is now the bunnies permanent tunnel! They love this, it is now in their bunny garden and they are always running through it and sleeping inside. I’m sure these would be pretty common at a carboot and very cheap!


I will update this page with more of my Bargains all the time 🙂

For other great products, please see my page Rabbit Product Reviews where I have a list of all the stuff I have bought that my rabbits love! Sharing is Caring!





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