Grass Rolls – DIY Rabbit Toy

Grass Rolls

Basically, cardboard toilet rolls stuffed with long grass. Excellent bunny boredom buster and keeps the grass off the cage floor. I did try this with hay as I had seen on Pinterest but it was a bit of a flop to be honest hehe. The grass tubes were an instant hit! Don’t spend a fortune on “chew toys” that are brightly coloured for bunnies, have your children or you make these for free!

  1. Collect Some long grass (has to be long other wise it will fall out)
  2. poke two holes into a cardboard loo roll tube
  3. Thread some string through the holes (you will tie it together later, leave it loose for now). I used gardening twine type string from Wilkos.
  4. Stuff the long grass tightly into the loo roll. You can even hide something extra tasty in the middle, like the top of a carrot, herbs like parsley, mint, lavendar or a little piece of pear etc.
  5. With the string that is hanging out, tie it on to something in your rabbits home/hutch/cage. Set it at a height that will require your bunny to stretch a bit.

You do not have to tie it up. I just prefer things off the floor and it leaves the floor space free for the buns but they will love this on the floor too! If you can not collect grass, try stuffing with alfalfa, readigrass, cale cabbage leaves, carrot tops (the green bit) etc.

Here is Flash enjoying this Grass Roll…  (he’s set up in a temp cage here while his new home is being built)

Flash Enjoying his DIY Chew Toy Grass Roll
“What’s going on in ‘ere Hoomin?” Flash the mini lop rabbit checking out his Grass Rolls

This is a great activity for the children (here comes the childminder in me!)… Making toys for their pets keeps them interested in their pets and helps children to be creative and think critically (vital key skills). Ask them questions like; what bunny would like for his special treat in the middle; where could we hang this for bunny; can you decorate the tube; can you write bunnies name on the tube; etc etc (the list is endless).

This toy is great because it encourages bunnies to eat grass (like my lot need any encouragement there!), forage for their food (mental stimulation) and grass is the best thing for fibre. FIbre ensures their digestive system is healthy and keeps teeth short (bunnies teeth grow 3mm per week!). Also, remember that grass is just as good as hay (this can be helpful to know for bunnies who just refuse to eat hay).

Thanks… more reviews to come so please “follow” my bunny website via email (look in the column on the right for the link I think lol)


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