Review – Rabbit Food Ball

Here is a link for this Ancol Hanging Food Ball CLICK HERE. I did not purchase mine fromthe same website but from a seller on ebay and it was £1.69 and came all the way from China.

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I had to review this item. It is just a metal ball that you put whatever you want into it and bunny reaches up and tries to take whatever is in there out. It encourages foraging behaviour and gives bunny something to do.

You can fill the bunny food ball with anything you like that your bunny enjoys e.g. grass, hay, dandellions, brambles, curly kale cabbage, the list goes on.

The Bunnies Verdict?

A huge MASSIVE bunny thumbs UP!! All of my rabbits LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

So simple, yet so brilliant!

I tend to fill it up with normal grass cut from our garden. My rabbit then spends that little bit more time on eating her grass and she loves it. She worked out that she must hold it in her paws to get the grass out faster too. It’s great to watch her so I made a video of it. She always eats from it with such enthusiasm too. This is definitely the bunnies favourite toy. I often give the children the task of filling it up too which kills two birds with one stone really, busy children, busy bunnies, its a WIN WIN. at £1.69 this was one of my best bargains.

I have also read about fellow bunny owners who have bunnies who are very anti hay but when their hay is put into this food ball they love it and will happily munch away. I can really see why.

I am definitely going to purchase many more of these balls for each of my bunnies, the product is that good.

I find it easiest to hang the ball from the peg line that is always in my rabbits homes.

So, here are the pcitures of my lovely Lupo thoroughly enjoying her grass from this food ball…


This Food Ball even gets baby bunny’s approval!


Here is the link for the video of Lupo enjoying this tasty treat

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