Review -Wilko Small Animal Edible Hide ‘n’ Treat (for rabbits)

Here is the Wilko Small Animal Edible Hide n Treat toy;

CLICK HERE for the direct link to the product on the Wilko website.

The idea is that you hang the toy up in your pets home and as your pet chews on it, it then helps to keep those every growing teeth short (saving you lots of money at the vets) and also keeps your bunny occupied! A bunny who is supplied with toys and kept mentally stimulated will be a happy bunny.

So, I hung this one up in Asha’s shed for her. No where special. If I’m honest, I thought it would be completely ignored by my bunny.

So, What’s Bunny’s Verdict?

I thought bunny was completely ignoring this toy as I had predicted. I was tidying Asha’s shed and just noticed this chew toy after a couple of weeks… It HAS been chewed!!!! I had never seen the bunny even look at it. I started to suspect something else had had a little nibble and started to get worried hehe. But, no, now and then, throughout the day, I actually here a little bell ringing and its Asha the mini lop, chewing on this toy! I am sooo pleased! She really likes this!

If Asha had thumbs, they would definitely be up for this toy!


My only critisism is the lack of product information given online for this product. I have no idea of the ingredients. As bunny owners know, it is very important to know exactly what you are feeding your bunny rabbit as their tummys do not work like ours. They need fibre and carbs/sugars make them ill. So, I am a little curious about what this chew toy contains (I didnt look on the tag before I threw it away). I will check when I next go instore as I would like a couple more of these toys providing the ingredients aren’t horrendously unhealthy for bunnies.

However, considering my bunny has had this chew toy for a couple of weeks, there is not much that has gone from it. So, it is hard wearing just like wilko promises. Bunny will only be digesting very little of this per day.

Here is Asha enjoying her edible hide n treat toy… (hard to get pics as she stops eating when I approach her shed, thinking I’m bringing something better no doubt… “Whatcha got hoomin’?”)

If you would like me to review a product or have any sugestions, please contact me on (more info on the contact me page HERE.)



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