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I’m Carly and I have been a bunny pet owner since I was a child and have always had them even as an adult before my children came. I have always loved bunnies and I find them so funny, loving and a real pleasure to be around. I am 31 years old and a work-from-home mum of three young children (ages 5, 3 and 2). We live in Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, CV13.

Our fur babies are (at the moment!) the three beautiful mini lop buns called Lupo, Asha and The Flash (to find out more about them see My Mini Lops), Daisy the little pomeranian (Daisy Doo is the bunnies BFF!) and two teenie little Roborovski Hamsters (teenie tiny!) called Whiskers and Poppy. I love spending time with my family and fur babies and doing DIY/craft projects… I am addicted! I have converted our outhouse and the area next to it into a bunny shed and garden which is attached via a tunnel. I have the ideas and my clever and handy husband does the hard work while I point! lol.

https://minilopbunnies.worpress.com https://minilopbunnies.worpress.com

I started to breed mini lop bunnies by accident. My three beautiful bunnies were all actually girls when I bought them but Flash had been sexed wrong (this is very common so I learned!). SO, I ended up with two pregnant females and then lovely bunny litters. It is hard work ensuring that all the adult bunnies are cared for correctly and making sure the babies stay in the best health possible. I also socialise my bunnies from day one so that they will be sued to human interaction. This ensures bunnies will be the best possible pets for loving homes. It can be heart wrenching and time consuming but I really enjoy the whole process.  This takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention food!!) but it is worth it, the bunnies that leave me are truly beautiful pets and I am very proud of them all. Obviously all living creatures have their own little personallities, but being picked up, loud noises, children and human interaction will not phase my buns. They will hear your voice and think, “mmmm yummy here comes the one with food!!!”. On hearing my voice my bunnies literally stop what they are doing and all run to me! It is truly heart warming!











Why Buy A Bunny From Me?

As an adult keeping bunnies I find I have learned so much about the fur babies including how to keep bunnies healthy and happy. An unhappy bunny will display this through unwanted behaviour. Through my experience and research I have come to discover that not everything you are told in pet shops is true and the people there do not always know the pets they are selling. Also, some pet shops will tell you something to sell you a pet. There is also the issue that a lot of information a pet shop may have is very out dated. Rabbit welfare has come a long way, don’t get me wrong, with people now being aware that you can not keep a rabbit with guinea pigs or in a tiny hutch etc but there is still lots more rabbit owners need to be aware of that pet shops are not spreading the word about (e.g. not all rabbit food is equal and some rabbit foods is the exact thing causing bunnies to be poorly, but a pet shop will NEVER tell you this because they need to sell their inadequate rabbit foods).

I stopped buying rabbits from pet shops in 2010 but I still see the same bad advice being given out (we’re always in the pet shop lol). I realised that the majority of the time you were buying either;

a) a bun that was fairly older than what you would like (its so important to buy a bun which is 8 weeks old so they can bond with you and be used to being picked up etc. In some pet shops they are selling rabbits that could be upto 6 months old and have by then had very little interaction with humans. If you wanted an older bun you are better off adopting a bun from a resuce centre and it will already be neutered and vaccinated!!).

b) The rabbits are often painfully shy. They may not get much human interaction (especially 1-1 with a main caregiver) when in the pet shop only people peering in and trying to pick them up etc, this can be scary and may even make bunnies skittish. Remember this is at least bunnies second home by the time you are seeing them.

When you buy a bunny from a breeder like me (wether you buy my bunnies or not!) your bunnies will be living as part of a family, used to children, dogs, cats, noises (kids shouting, motorbike roaring lol), and used to little fingers being poked through their wires, handled every single day, picked up from 1 week of age to ensure that their natural prey insticts regarding being picked up is as diluted as possible (a rabbit naturally hates it because its how they would be caught and eaten in the wild). This is extremely important and should never be underestimated. Even if you tame a bunny and make them friendly with you, you are never going to get as close to the little bun as you will with a bunny who comes to you totally trusting, friendly and inquisitive. If you find this rewarding, taming a frightened bun, then why not adopt an adult bun, already neutered and vaccinated? Even if you do not have your bunny from me or another home based breeder and chose to buy from a pet shop, please please please, ask to interact with your bunny at the pet shop. It is your right to see how you and your potential new pet will get on together. If bunny wont come near you, bangs their feet, runs and hides or god forbid bites or scratches you (do not buy a bunny who bites no matter what you are told!), please think about how this will affect your/your childs relationship with the bunny. Yes the bunny/pet shop may be close to you or the bunny may be substantially cheaper for you but in the long run the bun will be left on its own because interacting with it is such hard work with not too much in return. You will see the difference when you come to see a breeders bunnies to the majority of buns in the pet shops, my bunnies will come to you, they are inquisitive, they are comfortable and confident.

I am not saying this to put you off or make you spend more money, or even try to convince you to buy my bunnies… this is my own personal experiences and that of friends and family and to be honest, I am trying to save you from making the mistakes that I have made. I am also trying to reduce the amount of unwanted pet bunnies in rescue shelters. When you see the bunnies at the pet shop and ask to interact with them, come and see my bunnies (with no intention of buying or anything) and then you will see for yourself the huge difference. Since buying bunnies from breeders I have had a much closer relationship with my bunnies and havent had to work so very hard on having that relationship (of course I dont mean you dont need to spend time with your buns!). I have always been able to stroke and fuss my bunnies and can even pick them up without fuss from them. Bunnies naturally do not enjoy the sensation of being picked up but it doesn’t have to be a battle (I will write a post on this as I recieve quite a few questions, as well as litter training). It really doesnt have to be that way. Not all bunnies from pet shops are painfully shy, I saw a litter in early spring that were very friendly and came up to everyone who approached them, why can’t all their litters be like this? I don’t understand? lol, yes this is a pet hate of mine hehe! What I am saying is that you can not guarantee this from a pet shop and its important not to buy an animal on an impulse and do not let the pet shop convince you its because they dont know you or they are nervous etc.

I am always on hand for advice. Just a text or phone call away. I also offer a 5 day guarantee with the bunnies too providing you have folowed my advice on the care sheet I provide you with. The bunnies will come away with a good amount of changeover food, so you do not have to worry about rushing out to get food right away. I would recommend that you use the same bunny food as I do as it really is a great brand of bunny food with an excellent amount of fibre in and made up mainly of hay. I use science selective. It is expensivecompared to others but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Please see my bunny food advice for more information on what to feed buns here. Bunnies will also come with details about their pedigree. I love hearing about how the bunny babies are getting on so check out my contact details to send pics and updates to.

Please have a mooch about on the website to read up about bunny care, bunny  food, diet and more. I am always updating the website with new posts and information on upcoming litters.

Thank you and I wish you luck in your search for a new bunny or with your current bun xxx

Carly Charlie xxx

https://minilopbunnies.worpress.com DSC02321

Lupo, Our Blue Eyed Beauty
Lupo, Our Blue Eyed Beauty



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