Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters

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13 thoughts on “Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters

  1. What did you use to make the ramps from one level to another of your bunny houses? How are the pieces fastened together? I got so many ideas from this page. Thank you


  2. Thank you for your very useful site! I enjoyed all of your great ideas and watching your lovely bunnies! I have wonderful rabbits who reside together and love each other very much. Prince Charming, “Charm” is a large, white French Lop and Bailey is a very small, brown Lionhead. They share a hutch and Charm needs space to move about. I have really been searching for ideas that might work for my circumstances and I liked seeing all the different views of your bunnies living and playing spaces and how you feed them, etc. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Angela: USA


  3. Just started building my daughter’s 3 rescue bunnies an outside play area, they’ve not been outside before. This has given me some great ideas. Thank you xx


    1. Wow that’s amazing! Love that you’ve rescued too! Pls send us some pics when you’re done ☺️ Thanks for the great comment 😘👍


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