Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters

***Last Updated 01.09.16*** (always adding to this page!)

Bunnies are often underestimated as pets and are unfortunately still being left for long periods of time in hutches. Thankfully though, people are becoming more and more aware of how intelligent bunnies are and how they can make wonderful pets.

My blog/website aims to spread the word that bunny rabbits are the best pets ever as long as they are given the time and love needed by their owners. A bunny in a hutch will just sit there all day but give bunny space and toys and a loving home and they become everything. They are extremely funny, loving, clean and very intelligent.

Try some of the following toys and DIY ideas with your bunny and see how they love them (I’d love to see videos and pics!).


Peg Line Bling – Detailed information here

This is one of my favourite toys for my bunnies as they do not like eating their food from off the floor so the peg line is always brilliant for keeping everything off the ground. I also think it is a more natural way for the bunnies to eat. They love working out the best way to get the stuff down and have, a couple of times, chewed through the string because I had put something too high haha!

Grass Ball – Add this to your Peg Line too!


I bought a little ball from ebay for £1.60 and I can honestly say its brilliant. It came from China and took a couple of weeks to get here but it was worth the wait! You buy these balls online or from Pets at Home etc but you will pay a lot more for the same thing. I love a bargain but if the price doesnt bother you then you can get hold of this much quicker. My bunnies prefer it to be filled with fresh grass cut from the garden or weeds and hung up.

Here is what the ball looks like empty:


Ancol Treat Dispensing Ball

This is, without doubt, the best bunny toy EVER! The best £3.50 I have ever spent! The only thing now is that I’ve got to buy many more of these for all of my buns hehe.

I bought this as an add-on with other amazon purchases. Here is the link CLICK HERE.

I fill it up with the bunnies pellets rather than treats as they need their pellets,love them and it is best for them to eat them like this than just straight out of a bowl. You can easily fit their days worth in this ball. The only thing is, I have found with my bunny Asha is she will eat the lot in one go, if that makes sense. It is so much fun for her she will eat and eat. The other bunnies don’t do that they come back to it when they want more pellets.

The only way to show you how amazing and very funny this ball is, is to show you my Asha playing with it. I guarantee you this is not a one off, she does this everytime the ball is in her pen until all the pellets are gone. So funny!

This was the first tie I had given her the ball toy! I’m ever so sorry for the Justin Beiber music in the background haha!

Yummy Veggie Kebabs

So, I have noticed that my little darling rabbits much prefer to eat their veggies (and most things) when it is hung up. They are not keen on eating straight off the floor, and to be honest, I am conscious of germs etc gathering on the food which has been sitting on the floor. Particularly on hot days. Also, veggies with food shavings on them doesn’t look very apealing either! so, for chunk veg I have come up with the idea of using BBQ/Kebab sticks to make Veggie Kebabs for the bunnies and it went down very VERY well, so I thought I would share 🙂

Firstly, I bought some Kebab skewers. I found the best value ones (and they must be stainless steel to prevent rusting) were on amazon CLICK HERE for the link. (if you have just one rabbit you might be able to get them cheaper at wilko’s? I wanted more than four).

12 x BBQ Meat Vegetable Kebab Skewers in Stainless Steel (1 Dozen)

Then attach your bunnies favourite veggies!


Then just attach it to your bunnies run or indoor pen (the spaces between the hutch bars seem to be a little bit too small to fit the kebab’s metal head into, but, I’m sure if you needed to you could attach it somehow to the hutch bars with help from a cable tie). Make sure you slot the ends in well, so that if bunny pulls one end wont unhook its self and spring out. Here are the bunnies nejoying their Veggie Kebabs and how I attach the skewers…

The Bunnies enjoying their Veggie Kebabs!

I’d like to say that these kebabs lasted a long time but no they didn’t. They are always devoured pretty quickly!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Hay Roller

Image for Small Animal Hay and Play Roller from Pets At Home

This Hay Roller is from Pets at Home and cost me £6. Initially I thought this was a bit pricey but now it is a hit with the buns I think the price is fine (CLICK HERE for the link). The trick is to keep it interesting. I put the bunnies kale in the middle mixed with hay, they enjoy getting this Kale out. I also put extra special hay in their too (the most recent being chamomile). I tend to fill this up for them to play with at night time in their houses. It also looks lovely! You can see my bunny Asha eating from this in the video above.

Here you can see my baby bunny eating from the Hay Roller…



Grass Rolls


My bunnies love these and they are FREEEEE! They are perfect for keeping their grass treats off the floor and encouraging a foraging behaviour too. You can keep things interesting too by hiding a treat inside (something that wont go mouldy quickly, like herbs, lavendar, dandellion flower etc).

Find detailed info HERE and more information about how to jazz them up!

Hay Rack Hunt

Hide stuff in your bunnies hay rack with all the hay. I also like putting all of the bunnies weeds in their hay rack. Keeps it off the floor and makes the strecth to reach it. Hopefully it also encourages them to eat more hay too.


Really simple and free! Have the children cut holes out and cover the box in some old wrapping paper too and bunny will enjoy spending time stripping the paper off!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Bunnies love tunnels… obvious right? It’s natural for them, they feel safe in something with two escape routes so tunnels are perfect. You can improvise too! See how I have improvised to include tunnels as much as possible in my bunnies set up. Tunnels can help indoor bunnies come out of their shell too. An outdoor rabbit coming indoors to live as a house bunny can be quite stressed from the noises etc. This is especially the case for a bun over 3 months old who has grown up outdoors. Tunnels around your house will give bunny confidence and security and he’ll be more likely to explore and get to know you.

some Ideas for you:

I found this on ebay for £13 bunnies would love this!
This is piping my husband got from work for free. We use it for the bunnies to get from their bunny shed into their rabbit garden safely.
My Husband MAde this bunny tunnel from flexi plywood and scap wood battons. The rabbts love this tunnel and often have a snooze inside it.
Bunnel Tunnel is still lasting well even through the rain and weather! The bunnies love jumping on top of it too! Great DIY rabbit toy!

Instructions on building this bunny tunnel can be found here DIY Rabbit Play Tunnel

Wooden Pallets- Tunnels

Great fun for bunnies just as they are…

My bunnies favourite place when they want to cool down is under the various pallets in their living area. When you place things on top of the pallets to use the pallet like a stand then the bunnies use them like a tunnel system. They really enjoy all the different exits and feel very safe here.

Levels, Jumping and Climbing

I have kept bunnies all my life and I didn’t know that bunnies love levels, jumping and climbing until I was in my twenties!?! They like it a lot… See how I have incorporated this into their living area to provide more excerise for them. I also use the levels to hide food around the place so they have to explore. You may be able to put litter trays on top of the levels (two of my buns have their litter trays high up) and this will be a great space saver for you. See what you think…

Lots of levels here which provides the bunnies with jumping, exlporing and climbing oppurtunites. Notice the crate under the rabbit kennel which is behind the chair, rabbits love to explore the pallets. Also the cardboard box is a great resting place for bunny rabbits.
Bunnies House
Same sort of thing here, lots of levels for the rabbits to play, jump, climb and explore but this pic just shows how i use food to make them explore their surroundings!


If you can, it is well worth providing your bunny/bunnies with the opportunity to dig. They love it, its part of their natural insticts and they will spend hours doing it and it is fascinating to watch! My bunnies have their bunny garden to dig in now (we have made it safe by concreting around the edges, the ONLY thing that kept them in!). The areas in the middle are fine to dig and they just tend to create a tunnel leading to a cave area underground. We fill them in now and then so they have to start all over again!!! A bit cruel lol but it keeps them busy!

If you dont want your bun digging up your garden (totally understandable, not everyone is the crazy bunny lady, right!) then how about using a sandpit, filled with whatever you like. You can pick them up for £15 with a lid or even get them cheap as chips second hand. Your bunny would love it. I have a pic of our old bunny in a sandpit somewhere, I will try and find it. The bunny was extremely shy and this really brought him out of his shell. If bunny is an indoor bunny you ould use a storage box, the kind that can fit under a bed. Fill it with shredded paper or something similar then this will keep your house fairly tidy.

Be aware of your bunny escaping. When they dig, they can create a tunnel out of your garden to your neighbour a lot faster than you probably realise. Your bunny will always come back (providing they consider you and their living area as home and feel safe there). The problems is, of course, predators (neighbours dogs/cats & wildlife), traffic, people taking your bunny, eating your neighbours greenery and you may have a situ on your hands there! My Flash escaped once and I was looking for him for hours, very worried because it isnt natural for them not to come back when called. It turned out he had followed our neighbour into his garage at the back of our house and he didnt realise and locked my poor bunny in the garage!! As a last straw I had peeked into the garages calling flash (not thinking for one minute he would be in there, i was clutching at straws). In one he came running to the door and stuck his nose thru the tiny gap, I’m sure he said, “Help me, Mommy!!”. I had to track down whos garage it was and ask them to open the garage up. Flash ran straight into my arms when the door opened up, he must have been so scared. This is the sort of thing that could go wrong if your bun escapes. They always come back but they might not be able to sadly.


Bunnies love to eat. In the wild they probably spend at least 75% of their awake time foraging for foods. This is easily recreated for pet bunnies by hidding your bunnies fave foods around the place, inside toys, on top of things, inside boxes, high up, on a peg line, inside an egg box, inside the hay rack, etc. Here are some ideas…

Pegged up blackberry branches/bramble to the bunny run. Keeps little feet safe, keeps the plant fresher and the bunnies have to stretch to reach all of them.

Bunnies June 2016DSC02398https://minilopbunnies.worpress.com

Old tryes are an excellent toy for bunnies, you can do so much with them!


Growing foods in pots is a great way of providing bunnies with more to do. They will eat up the contents AND they will dig up all the roots and eat those too. Lots of fun for bunnies. An excellent boredom buster (just dont put it in their hutch/home its messy!) This was alfalfa, grass and Parsley seedlings.
minilopbunnies.wordpress.com This is a tub of herbs grown specifically for the bunnies (and is a great learning tool for children too). When its getting over grown i pop it in with the bunnies and they naturally trim it all back ready to grow again. Even if plants are dried out, bunnies will love to eat them still! water the plant and it will come back to life.
Heres my Ikea hack hay rack. Plastic bag holder for £1.50! Excellent hay rack and I hide herbs and veggies inside for the bunnies to find. minilopbunnies.wordpress.com
Carrot tops on the peg line
Apple hidden in hay hidden inside an easter egg box! Buns loved it!
Lupo Munching on her Tub-o-Grass – Keeps buns occupied for ages!
All the buns munching very yummy grass! take it out, let it grow again and then put it back! brilliant bunny toy / boredom buster.
Tub-o-grass grown in the kitchen in winter

Thank you for reading this and visiting my bunny website. This page is continually being added to as I record and take pics of everything I do with my buns. Please keep checking back for updates. If you liked this page, feel free to share!

Thank you x

Anythng you would like to see me write about? Please email me carly.charles@outlook.com .








9 thoughts on “Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters

  1. What did you use to make the ramps from one level to another of your bunny houses? How are the pieces fastened together? I got so many ideas from this page. Thank you


  2. Thank you for your very useful site! I enjoyed all of your great ideas and watching your lovely bunnies! I have wonderful rabbits who reside together and love each other very much. Prince Charming, “Charm” is a large, white French Lop and Bailey is a very small, brown Lionhead. They share a hutch and Charm needs space to move about. I have really been searching for ideas that might work for my circumstances and I liked seeing all the different views of your bunnies living and playing spaces and how you feed them, etc. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Angela: USA


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