Conditions of Sale

Thank you for considering one of my baby bunnies 🙂

My bunnies are pure mini lops. No crosses will be found here.

I put a lot of time and effort into raising these baby bunnies to ensure they will make excellent pets. As you can imagine, I get very attached to the babies and each one takes a little bit of my heart with him or her. With this in mind, I’m sure you can understand that I will want to make sure that my fur babies are going to loving homes that will provide for their bunnies needs and give them their precious time and love. This will ensure that your bunny is happy and healthy which will enable you to get the most from your beloved pet.

I do ask that prospective bunny owners familiarise themselves with the RSPCA’s guide on owning a bunny, especially the bunnies housing requrements found here. Providing a bunny with enough space does not have to cost the earth, see Ideal Bunny Homes. Providing toys and entertainment, including litter trays can cost almost nothing too. Once you have your bunny, you’ll be amazed at how much you can find at car boots, charity shops and pound shops, all things to entertain your bunny and essential items such as food bowls and washing up bowls as excellent litter trays (I will write a blog post on this, I think). This is especially usefull if you are on a budget. Our nursery hutch has actually been built from a pallet crate and pallets! We had to have a hutch safe for bunny babies.

My bunnies will be suitable as indoor or outdoor pets as they will be using a litter tray as does their mummy.

I will ask to see your housing (a photo) before you leave with a bunny. This isnt to catch you out or be nosy lol, I have a duty as a responsible breeder to ensure the bunnies welfare and be a guide to prospective owners on housing if they need help (the minimum is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for two bunnies and not much smaller for one). Again, if you are on a budget, bunnie housing doesnt have to cost the earth, you just need to shop around and hopefully I can help you, see Ideal Bunny Homes. Here is how and where I keep some of my bunnies Our Bunny House.

I offer a 5 day guarantee for your bunny but you MUST follow the advice on the care sheet I send home with you and bunny. This advice is catered to your individual bunny. Moving home will be a stressful time for your bunny and can be a critical time too. I will send home enough change over food for a week and this is to ensure bunnies tummy is not upset. Remember, a bunny who doesnt eat/poo in 24 hours is a very poorly bunny. So, changing their diet at the same time as a house move is definitely NOT adviseable and will void your gaurantee. I can not be held responsible for vets bills. You must bring the bunny back to me and if needed, I will take bunny to my own vets. The rabbit food I use is Science selective and it provides the right amount of fibre for pellet feed (22%) from hay based foods.

I will ask for a deposit to secure the bunny of your choice. If you do not collect your bunny on the day arranged, without prior notice or explanation, or if you do not contact me to arrange collection and do not respond to my messages then I am forced to put bunny back up for sale within 3 days of no communciation. Everyone’s situation can change and I would just appreciate to be kept in the picture so I can ensure I can tell someone else waiting for a bunny that there is a bunny now available.

Bunnies are usually ready at 8 weeks of age, although rarely it may be necessary to hold a bunny back for a little while longer. I reserve the right to refuse to give someone one of my bunnies.

As a responsible breeder, it is my duty to offer a home to any of my bunnies should their owners circumstances change for whatever reason and can no longer provide a home for bunny. I will do everything possible to take bunny back. This is even more likely if bunnies housing is included. I will then do my best to find a suitable and loving home for the bunny if I do not keep bun myself.

I will keep the New Litters & Bunnies for Sale page upto date with how your bunny is growing and new litters etc. Upon reserving a bunny for you I will send you a weekly email with pics of your bunny. Please be sure to “like” my facebook page here and recieve notifications as I often add weekly pics and videos of the bunnies and it is very cute!

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about reserving a bunny please contact me using the informaton here and I will reply as soon as possible (for the quickest response you can call, text or email).

Please do familiarise yourself with the website as I have tried to share as much as possible about caring for bunnies. I am adding more and more to the site constantly.

Thank you very much for reading this information, I really do appreciate it.