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My Website is moving!

Please find “Contact Me” info on the new website by CLICKING HERE!

Thanks so much for understanding xxx


13 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Hello lovely.
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      I am located in Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, England, UK.
      I do not have any litters planned until August I am afraid as I have been sourcing some amazing new bunnies which are of a fantastic breed standing and ideal for exhibiting. Please check back regularly for upto date info and like the facebook page Bosworth Stud. thanks.


  1. Hi Carly just would like to know when breeding again how big are mini lops when fully grown. We lost our dwarf lop last September so sad we currently have a mini Rex he is three in June. We live in Ashby-de-la-zouch


    1. Oh you’re very close to us then ☺️👌
      I am starting to breed again around August time. I have some amazing baby mini lop bunnies who will be coming to shows with me this year and fingers crossed when they’re ready will be producing some top quality babies who can be BRC rung if required. Bunnies I don’t keep will be looking for some loving homes 💖 follow my Facebook page for upto date info on show results and litters due 😘 @bosworthstud search Facebook “bosworth Stud” xxx


    2. Sorry I didn’t answer all your questions, d’oh!
      so, mini lop sizes can vary, it all depends on the parents and their genetics. As there are a lot of cross breeds circulating and some not so amazing breeders of mini lops around the size of mini lops can vary greatly. I have a rescue mini lop for example, she looks just like a mini lop, perfect example of the breed on a photo BUT… shes HUGE! haha. I rescued her as she was “unwanted” and had her neutered immediately.
      This is why, if the size of bunny is important to you (as it should be because you will have to provide adequate sized housing for bunny, so you are perfectly right to wonder about size) you really need to see the parents of your mini lop baby to be. This is the only real way you are able to gauge the size of your mini lop.
      My adult breeding mini lops are all around the 3lb weight. Females are bigger than males (this makes them better at bearing kits).
      When I advertise my kits I always state the weight of mum and dad and give a good idea of how big kits will grow. Bunnies that are usually in pet shops will normally grow to be huge lol. (and it really annoys me as none of their hutches are big enough to accommodate the bunnies they sell grrrrr lol!).
      Mini rex… a mini lop should be smaller than your mini rex. But compared, the mini lops have much chunkier heads and features. They are much more placid too. I myself have just acquired a BRC rung mini rex so if you have any tips for me then let me know lol xx


      1. Hi carly Maurice here, yes live close to you great you are going to show rabbits good luck, your website is brill, we will keep looking on website for updates we will ring you bit nearer to August our mini rex is named skippy lol keep in touch xx


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