DIY Easter Treats For Your Bunny & Hay Rack

This is what I made this morning for my bunnies from the children’s easter egg boxes. Shame to just put them in the recycling right, so why not upcycle them!

Here’s how I did it (it’s as easy as it looks basically)…

Take your empty easter egg box with a cut out already supplied at the front.


Make a triangular cut out at the back of the box so the rabbit can get the hay then it goes to the bottom of the box (make note of the little egg holder insert, cut your rectangle just above this).


Egg inster inside the easter egg box, you will need to cut your rectabgle above this.
Mark out your the area you need to cut out, use a pen to poke holes to make the cutting easier.
I found it easier to cut out using a knife – be careful.
ta da!

Now, thats pretty much it for the ‘making’… you just need to add they hay (this is probably the hardest part, prising hay from your hay bale!)

Add in a little ‘hidden’ treat halfway thru adding your bunnies hay! Its a very good boredom buster!

Add in a little treat within the hay boxes to encourage your bunnies to route around in the box. It doesnt have to be fruit, try dandelion flowers/leaves/gras etc just remember to check it the next day in case it hasnt been found, you dont want it to go mouldy and stay in the hay.

Its a great idea to get the children making these and it will keep the kids busy as well as the fur babies entertained!

That’s it… now for a bunny tester…


I think we can safely say the toy has passed and been bunny approved! Yay! Please send in your pics for me to post if you make one 🙂 to, tag me in instagram pics @carlycharlie_x . See the Contact Me page for more ways to contact me.



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