My Mini Lops

My bunnies are all pure bred Pedigree Mini Lop Rabbits. I never cross breed my buns (we only have mini lops any-who) and we only breed bunnies who will make awesome, cuddly, healthy pets 🙂 We pick breeding partners based on health and temperament. We would never breed a grumpy bun (and we have none of them either!)! I love the temperament of mini lops and this makes them the most popular bunny breed so why would you mix breed them?

Exciting… We have new Bunnies…. These Bunnies are first and foremost our beloved pets and are very much a part of our family. My children own Flash (Bellas bunny), Asha (Kians bunny) and Lupo (Lewis’s Bunny). When I say they “own” them, what I mean of course is they play with them, give them their daily fresh food but it is me who actually takes care of them of course! haha!

Here are Our Bunnies


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Flash is a lilac and White Magpie Mini Lop. He is super duper fluffy and has a perfect head shape rounded and flat front. Flash is looking to be the perfect mini lop form and he is really small too. He is so laid back and cuddly. He’s extremely friendly and is a master at escaping!!! He loves a good bunny binky too.

Flash’s father is called Flash (this was an uncanny coincidence that my son named his bun flash, he didnt know what the father was called!) and is a Lilac Magpie with a fantastic body type, big head and great even gap between his eyes. Flash’s mother is an adorable frosty point called Magic. As you can see she is also a fabulous looking mini lop.



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Asha is an absolutely beautiful Seal Point. Asha is by far the cuddliest of the bunnies. She loves her head and cheeks to be fussed. She gives great bunny nudges to let us know she wants a fuss! She is the boss of the buns without a doubt (and probably the boss of me too!). She loves her food does this one! This is the bunny who always gets the “wow, shes gorgeous!”. People think she is coloured like a ragdoll cat, hehe (it is actually the same markings funily enough and is called “Seal Point”). Did you know that “Seal Point” means that on her “points” i.e. the coldest parts of her body, she is the colour of “seal” like a dark browny black. The seal colour gets darker the colder it is and her coat changes colour depending on how cold it is! How amazing.

Asha’s mother and father are both points. The father is the sable point and her mother is the lighter frosty point. As you can see they have fantastic shapes, big heads with a wide gap between their eyes and they are fabulous rabbits, very loving and cuddly. I could eat them all up!! Asha’s mum looks very angelic, doesnt she?!

I am currently trying to find a Seal Point boyfriend for Asha so they can have some beautiful babies… oooooh exciting.


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Lupo is a little cutie indeed. She is a Blue Eyed Vienna Marked Chocolate tort. Since a little kit, Lupo has always been the outgoing type nd very confident. She was the first of the buns to be best friends with my little pomeranian dog Daisy. This little bunny really is quite majestic to look at, I think it is the blue eyes and sooty/light coloured fur. At the moment Lupos fur is changing colour as she sheds her winter coat. I love watching this! So her colour at the moment is actually lilac!! This is because she has the “Shaded” gene, which means that the longer hair shows her to be chocolate tort, whereas shorter hairs show her to be Lilac (light grey). This is because each individual hair is shaded, lighter at the roots and darker towards the tip. Sorry, I find genetics fascinating lol! Lupo likes a fuss… when she wants one haha! She always resists being picked up for the longest, she is always the last to be brought in hehe.

Lupo’s father is a very handsome and striking BEW called Afie. Mum to Lupo is a fab little Harlequin split called Mia.


I will keep updating this page with pics of our fur babies. I love how every single bunny I have ever had the pleasure of owning has had its own individual personality. Some people who have never owned a bun may think they just sit in their hutch and do nothing but this is far from the truth! One of the best feelings in the world is your bunny giving you a nudge for a treat or a fuss, priceless. Like any pet, you get what you put in 🙂