Bunnies for Sale


**Please note, I am located in Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, CV13 0PH, England, UK.**

Bosworth stud specialises in the Miniature Lop (Mini Lop), Netherland Dwarfs and most recently the Miniature Rex. We are registered with the British Rabbit Council (BRC).

Please see my Conditions of Sale Page before reserving a bun.

See my Contact Me page for enquiries and social media info.

Babies are £45 with a £15 deposit needed to reserve the bunny of your choice.

Keep checking this page as I will update regularly with bunny progress [Last Updated 12th April 2018].



Bunnies Available for Sale:

No Babies Currently available. [12/04/18]




In the Nest

No babies currently in the nests.




Previous Mini Rex Litter. Photo Credit – Michael Freer, my blue mini rex’s previous owner.

Planned Litters

I may have my BRC rung blue Mini Rex doe with kit, father is a Lilac otter buck. These two are truly amazing types for the Mini Rex and I am very proud of them.

I may have my tiny Netherland Dwarfs with kit (pregnant). Missy and Matilda, sire is Marvin. These bunnies are beautiful and I am praying they are with kit.


I may have my magpie mini lop (photos to follow) with kit, father is Benjamin Bunny.

I wont know for three weeks if my does are pregnant (3rd May 2018).

To reserve a bunny or to be put on my waiting list , please contact me using the details on my “Contact Me” page HERE. 07969754663 or carly.charles@outlook.com.

I am now unfortunately strict with deposits *sighs*. Until a deposit is paid for a bunny then the bunny IS NOT RESERVED under any circumstances. Why? I do not want to refuse people a bunny because I am “awaiting deposits”. Viewings welcome from 4 weeks of age. I do accept deposits via paypal, but actively encourage you to come and pick your bunny in person (you can see which bun is best suited and meet mum and dad and all of us here at Bosworth Stud).

All my baby bunnies come with a three generation pedigree document. They are bred to do well in exhibitions (they can be BRC rung if required), their parents are of excellent health and temperament. I put a lot of care and love into helping mum raise her litter and spending lots of time a day playing and loving each bunny. I do not have lots of litters so each bunny in a litter is guaranteed my time.

Previous litters (awwww)…





Lots more videos on my youtube channel…HERE















10 thoughts on “Bunnies for Sale

    1. Hi honey, I recieved your email, thank you. From the information you sent on the email it sounded like you are located in the USA? I am located in the UK, Enland honey xxx


  1. Want to buy mi in lop bunny. How can I call u. My phone 6027650154 just lost our little holland lop. Devastated. We live in an. Want a healthy little girl mini lop


    1. Thanks for your message 😘👍
      I am so sorry for your loss 💔😞
      I am afraid we are in different countries my lovely ☹️ Xxx good luck in your search for your new baby xxxx


    1. Hi Ryan!
      Thanks for your comment and visiting my website. For all bunny enquiries and upto date information regarding new and upcoming litters please visit my new facebook page “Bosworth Stud”. My bunny Instagram is @bosworthstud
      I expect to have my next mini lop litter in august hopefully from my new bunnies of excellent pedigrees and champion lines. xxx


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