New Litters & Bunnies for Sale

Welcome to my Bunnies for Sale page

Scroll down to see the new litters. Keep checking this page as I will update regularly with bunny progress and news (normally weekly).

***Upcoming Litters***

I plan to breed again. **YAY** I am currently in the process of sourcing some fantastic breeding quality bunnies! Watch this space.

All my bunnies are pure mini lops. They are bred for health and temperament.I put a lot of care and love into helping mum raise her litter and spending lots of time a day playing and loving each bunny. I do not have lots of litters so each bunny in a litter is guaranteed my time. I also never rehome my adults just because they are retired from breeding. They are beloved pets first and foremost. I am the crazy rabbit lady and love it!

Babies are £50 with a £20 deposit needed to reserve the bunny of your choice. I like to ensure my bunnies go to the right homes and feel this is a good price. I do not sell my bunnies for a profit, all money goes towards my bunnies upkeep (they eat so much lol!). I do not have a discount for buying more than one bunny.

Please see my Conditions of Sale Page before reserving a bun.

If you are new bunny parents, please familiarise yourself with my site as it contains practical advise about how to care for your new bunny. I have written it myself from my own vast experience with lots of bunnies.

My Location: Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, UK, CV13 0PH

To reserve a bunny or to be put on my waiting list , please contact me using the details on my “Contact Me” page HERE. 07969754663 or

I am now unfortunately strict with deposits *sighs*. Until a deposit is paid for a bunny then the bunny IS NOT RESERVED under any circumstances. Why? I do not want to refuse people a bunny because I am “awaiting deposits”. So deposits/reservations ONLY possible when visiting. It is best to pick your bunny when you are face to face. Thanks for understanding.

***Last Updated January 2018***

 No Litters

Previous litters (awwww)…





Lots more videos on my youtube channel…HERE

Here is Asha as a baby…


And Flash as a baby…

my baby bunny lilly1

Thanks 🙂

Please use the CONTACT ME page for my contact details if you have any queries or would like to enquire about reserving a baby bunny. More information on reserving/buying one of my bunnies can be found on Conditions of Sale/Adoption.














7 thoughts on “New Litters & Bunnies for Sale

    1. Hi honey, I recieved your email, thank you. From the information you sent on the email it sounded like you are located in the USA? I am located in the UK, Enland honey xxx


  1. Want to buy mi in lop bunny. How can I call u. My phone 6027650154 just lost our little holland lop. Devastated. We live in an. Want a healthy little girl mini lop


    1. Thanks for your message 😘👍
      I am so sorry for your loss 💔😞
      I am afraid we are in different countries my lovely ☹️ Xxx good luck in your search for your new baby xxxx


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