New Litters & Bunnies for Sale

Welcome to my Bunnies for Sale page


New litter arrived (15th September 2016) See Below, newest babies at the bottom!

Scroll down to see the new litters. Keep checking this page as I will update regularly with bunny progress and news (normally weekly). See facebook for more up to date Information (link to the right).

All my bunnies are pure mini lops. They are bred for health and temperament.I put a lot of care and love into helping mum raise her litter and spending lots of time a day playing and loving each bunny. I do not have lots of litters so each bunny in a litter is guaranteed my time. I also never rehome my adults just because they are retired from breeding. They are beloved pets first and foremost. I am the crazy rabbit lady and love it!

Babies are £35 with a £15 deposit needed to reserve the bunny of your choice. I like to ensure my bunnies go to the right homes and feel this is a good price. I do not sell my bunnies for a profit, all money goes towards my bunnies upkeep (they eat so much lol!). I do not have a discount for buying more than one bunny.

Please see my Conditions of Sale Page before reserving a bun.

If you are new bunny parents, please familiarise yourself with my site as it contains practical advise about how to care for your new bunny. I have written it myself from my own vast experience with lots of bunnies.

My Location: Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, UK, CV13 0PH

To reserve a bunny or to be put on my waiting list , please contact me using the details on my “Contact Me” page HERE. 07969754663 or

***Last updated 15/10/2016***

 Asha’s Litter – Born 2nd September 2016

Babies’ leaving date: 28th October 2016

Most recent Bunny Video:

Gone To Her Forever Home – Baby #1 Female  – White/Cream Baby (could possibly turn into a frosty point as she has a pointed tail) – see pic below

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Gone To His Forever Home :)- Baby #2 Male Chocolate or Seal Point  (fudge colour with chocolate points and silver sheen) – see pic below (Possibly Reserved)

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Gone To His Forever Home 🙂 – Baby #3 Male – Magpie – Blue and White Magpie Bunny with White Feet and Coloured Face (Tiny) – see pic below

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Available – Baby #4 Male – Black & White Broken – see Pic Below – Such a lovely bunny, he has such a sweet nature.

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Gone To His Forever Home – Baby #5 Female – Magpie  with Blue Feet & White Face – see pic below – Bunny Has Now Left for His Forever Home.

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Gone To Her Forever Home 🙂 – Baby #6 Female – Broken Magpie (mainly White – like Daddy Flash) – See Pic Below

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Bunnies at 3 weeks old – going on the grass for the first time!!!


Bunnies at 15 days old (Be Warned, this video is VERY cute!)

Lots more videos on my youtube channel…HERE


***Upcoming Litters***

Next Litter Due 15th October 2016 (thanks to my toddler!!!) – Babies will be ready to leave 10th December 2016… Babies have arrived safely and mum is doing a fab job!!! Watch this space for updates on the little babies 🙂 (I try not to mess too much before 7-9 days old)

Here is Asha as a baby…


And Flash as a baby…

my baby bunny lilly1

Thanks 🙂

Please use the CONTACT ME page for my contact details if you have any queries or would like to enquire about reserving a baby bunny. More information on reserving/buying one of my bunnies can be found on Conditions of Sale/Adoption.














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    1. Hi honey, I recieved your email, thank you. From the information you sent on the email it sounded like you are located in the USA? I am located in the UK, Enland honey xxx


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