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The idea of this section of my website is to review any products which are made for our pet rabbits. This includes bunny toys, food stuff (treats and hays) and anything which is targetted at the bunny market. I might also try out some things which aren’t necessarily targetted at rabbits but I feel would go down well with the little scamps! I seem to not be able to help spending my hard earned pennies on my little fur babies and it’s really annoying when a product is, well, rubbish! Equally, I always want to share with other bunny parents how much my bunny loves something or when I stumble across a great find which is cheap and/or bunny-tastic!

So, I am starting a section of the website to share great products and finds, and disappointing or indifferent items!

As I have so many bunnies I thought I, the crazy rabbit lady, would be the perfect candidate to give good rabbit-product reviews. Some of my bunnies live outdoors and some live as house bunnies. All bunnies are different and we all know they have their own likes and dislikes, so I try products with all the bunnies before arriving at the final conclusion in a product review. I also have bucks and does, as they say, women are from venus men are from mars, the same is apparently true for bunnies too, hehe. Rabbit males and females act very differently and like different products I have come to learn. So, these are the reasons I try products with more than one bunny, especially if a product is not going down too well with a bun.

Please check the scroll down menu for all of my product reviews. Please keep checking back as I write reviews all the time.

Below I have organised my reviews into Bunny Hits & Bunny Flops to help you better see what we love, what went down like a lead balloon. Hopefully this helps you out and maybe gives you, a fellow bunny parent, a little inspiration for your bunny.

Bunny Hits

Review – Wilko Meadow Hay Rolls (for small animals)

Review – Wilko Cardboard Tube

Review – Rabbit Food Ball

Bargains for Bunnies

Grass Rolls – DIY Rabbit Toy

Review -Wilko Small Animal Edible Hide ‘n’ Treat (for rabbits)

Bunny Flops

Review – Rabbit Rosewood Chew Toys Wilko Boredom Busters

If you have any idea’s of items you would like to see me review or you would like to send me some products for my bunnies to test out then please contact me on carly.charles@outlook.com (more contact details HERE).

I also have a youtube channel where I put some videos of my bunnies enjoyin the itmes I review (sometimes my bunnies love something so much that it just has to be seen). I will always add the links to the articles I write. My channel on youtube can be found HERE (you should be able to subscribe from there if you wanted to).